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Our partner Grown in Britain runs a scheme which coordinates volunteers (from the construction industry) to assist in woodland projects around the country. If you're looking for specialist assistance to support with woodland management or a construction project you this may be just right. 

Grown in Britain work specifically with volunteers in the construction industry so can provide specialist support. For example, assistance with:

- Construction of buildings, walls and fences

- Construction of composting toilets

- Tree felling and woodland management

Of course, they can also tackle other areas you need help with, anything from tree planting, clearing land or footpath maintenance.

Whatever you are planning it may be worth checking the volunteering support available. This scheme will be administered as part of your engagement with the Making Local Woods Work project. All information and an application pack can be found at here at the Grown in Britain website

Please note this scheme is available for Making Local Woods Work participant groups only.

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