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As you will be aware we recently refreshed our website with a new look and a whole lot more tools and resources. We hope that you have had a chance to review some of our what's available. We're looking forward to adding more practical resources as we continue. 
To that end we are delighted to announce a new Information Note from the Community Woodlands Association in Scotland on Woodland Management Plans. It can be found in the Forestry Knowledge and Skills section of Tools and Resources. 

The note gives a brief overview of the process of compiling a Woodland Management Plan and provides helpful sources for more in-depth information. These principles are relevant everywhere however there are some references to grants which are Scotland-specific. 

We think this summary is a fantastic additional to our growing collecting of resources. We're always looking for your feedback and information. If you have any comments about the website or the tools available please drop us a line. And if you have any resources that you would like to share with others just let us know. 

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