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Please see below for the agenda for our Green Care Day held on Thursday 3 May in Tickenham, near Bristol. For booking please visit our Eventbrite page here.

Event Aims;

  • To provide Green care practitioners and future practitioners an opportunity for knowledge exchange and learning in relation to the provision of green care by woodland social enterprises

  • To consider the practical aspects of delivery with particular focus on funding models, client groups, techniques, professional standards and outcome assessments

  • This is a practitioner-led event considering a range of successful green care case studies


9:00 Arrival and registration (Coffee and tea available)


9:30 Introduction: Structure and objectives for the day, Michéal Connors, Natural Academy and Adrian Brooks, Brown Rock Woodland Project

9:40 What is Green Care, levels of intervention, a look at the evidence and roots to wellbeing Alan KellasRoyal College of Psychiatry


9:55 Set out themes, outcomes and discussion of financial models, Norman Dandy, Plunkett Foundation


10:10 Case study: Evolution of green care services and discussion of financial model, Tim Sleight, Hill Holt Wood


10:30 Case study: Evolution of green care services and discussion of financial model, Jenny Archard, Neroche Woodlanders


10:50 Panel Q and A on financial models for delivering green care


11:10 Short break and move outside


11:30 Outside for whole group for wellbeing experience, Michéal Connors, Natural Academy


11:35 Small group discussions around main themes of the day:

  • funding models

  • client groups

  • techniques

  • professional standards

  • outcome assessments


12:15 Main hall feedback on discussions and questions. 

12:30 Lunch and walk up to woodland


1:15 WORKSHOPS – Session 1

Professional standards: Michéal Connors, Natural Academy

Wellbeing practice at Neroche: Jenny Archard, Neroche Woodlanders

Have we lost the magic ingredient to survive and thrive? Teresa Johnston, ARC-CIC

1:15 WORKSHOPS – Session 2

Kelly Gray and  Jason Leck, Avon Wildlife Trust




15:00 Break and gather in/around roundhouse


15:10 Client story


15.20 ‘Netwalking’ back to hall


15:30 Panel discussion to address outstanding questions and matters arising from workshops

Jenny Archard, Neroche Woodlanders; Michéal Connors, Natural Academy; Norman Dandy, Plunkett Foundation; Alan Kellas, Royal College Psychiatry; Tim Sleight, Hill Holt Wood


16:00-16:10 Round up and end

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