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We held a day aimed at all Woodland Social Enterprises to explore how to generate the necessary income to make the enterprise financially sustainable. It was a really positive event with a lot of learning which we have tried to capture below. We have the presentations from all speakers along with additional answers to questions submitted to our Question Time-panel of funding experts. We also have a short summary film of the day. 

We would like to thank our speakers from Locality, Shared Assets, Plunkett Foundation, APIS Solutions, Co-operative and Community Finance, Power to Change, Charity Bank and Big Lottery Fund for joining us and making the day full of learning and inspiration. 

Making Local Woods Pay! How to finance a woodland social enterprise
Funding Woodland Social Enterprise - options and forms of finance with Hugh Rolo, Locality
Where does WSE income come from? with Norman Dandy, Plunkett Foundation and Mark Walton, Shared Assets
Infographic on income generation
Writing a good grant application with Mick McGrath, Locality
So you want to grow your enterprise? Scaling up with Mark Walton, Shared Assets
Community Shares with Donna Smith, Plunkett Foundation
Making Corporate Social Responsibility work for WSE's with Ben Crabb, APIS Solutions
Question Time funding surgery - thanks to Hugh Rolo, Locality for additional comments
This channel is coming soon!
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