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The myForest team, based at the Sylva Foundation, has been working hard in collaboration with MLWW to develop a tool to promote and support social enterprises. Their myForest Directory is a free business directory already connecting forestry and woodland service providers with those searching for suppliers of a range of services including coppice workers, sawmills, education and training, working and bushcraft, health and wellbeing and woodland management. The directory is now able to register social enterprises and features a check-box to allow users to search for social enterprises alone. This is a very helpful development which reflects the desire of consumers to seek out positive business models which are rooted in their communities and their social mission.

Several of the MLWW participants have already signed up to myForest and it’s a great way to publicise the work you do to people looking for suppliers.

Making Local Woods Work is all about championing the work of social enterprises and their ability to effectively manage local woodlands at the same time as tackling social goals. “We are delighted that our work with the Sylva Foundation will allow social enterprises to promote this aspect of their work and encourages those looking for services to prioritise social enterprises” says Norman Dandy, MMLW Project Manager.

For those groups which are already signed up please log-in to the myForest Directory and update your listing to highlight your social mission. All other groups can register free of charge and complete the section on being a social enterprise.

Norman explains, “Research shows that people value businesses with a strong ethical and community focus. We want to support this growing sector and make it easier for consumers to find social enterprises. It’s been great to work with Sylva to develop this feature bringing focus to the range of social enterprises delivering a variety of woodland services.”

Over 750 woodland and forestry businesses across the country are already listed.

Visit to register your social enterprise and the services you deliver.

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