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To help launch the new site we are happy to direct you to a new report, commissioned by Making Local Woods Work, which details how the planning system impacts on woodland social enterprises (WSE), how WSE’s interact with the planning system, the barriers they face and some key lessons. There is also a (very) brief guide to the planning system for WSE’s.

Kate Swade, co-author and Director of Shared Assets says “Many woodland social enterprises need to build structures in their woodlands to support their businesses. This often involves an interaction with the planning system, and we regularly hear from enterprises that this can be challenging”.

“Shared Assets new report for MLWW explores the key features of the planning system in all four UK countries, and looks at where enterprises are most likely to interact with it. It includes key learning for WSEs considering building structures in their woodlands and is accompanied by an open spreadsheet of resources and a very brief guidance note.” 

MLWW is delighted with the report, knowing the difficulties that several participant groups have encountered with the planning system. And we look forward to announcing more tools and resources soon. 

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