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You may have seen the press release and resulting coverage of Derbyshire-based Whistlewood Common earlier this month. Whistlewood is a community-owned site helping people to understand how to live more sustainably, appreciate nature and get involved with their community. They host a range of workshops and events on topics such as forest gardening, crafts and fitness activities.

They are currently in the middle of a share offer to support them to create a green-build straw-bale roundhouse as a new community space for educational activities, arts, theatre and music events.  They will also install entrance tracks and parking areas to allow hosting of events throughout the year. Whistlewood have the support of the National Forest Company and the Community Shares Booster Programme through the National Lottery but they are still looking for more support to allow them to grow as a valuable community asset. For those interested in learning more about the share offer and the benefits of investing, including part-ownership of a woodland, member-only events and priority and discount bookings, check out the information here on their website.

There’s only a short period of time to make a difference and help out a project changing things for the better. The share offer is open until the end of August. Good luck Whistlewood!

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