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We're delighted to have reached 1000 Twitter followers recently! Thanks to all who have followed, shared and liked our account. We post daily on a range of topics relevant to Woodland Social Enterprises including topical research, events, support, funding and generally promoting the incredible work of our participant groups and the WSE sector more broadly. You can follow us here.

Equally we are continuing to engage Woodland Social Enterprises directly on the Woodland Social Enterprise Network which you can find on Facebook. This is a closed group which allows WSE's to talk directly to each other for support on any relevant topic. We've seen discussions about funding, woodland product sales and marketing, leases, business planning and training courses. There is a mix of very experienced WSE's along with many newer groups who are able to learn from each other. With more than 260 members you are sure to find the answer to any question. If you would like to join please just send a request through Facebook. 

If you have achievements, new developments, products, services or events that you would like to shout about then let us know by emailing us, tagging us or posting online. We're keen to champion the great work of all WSE's so get tweeting!

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