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We're so excited to be championing Woodland Social Enterprises at the Timber Festival this year. Timber is an extraordinary new festival focusing on the transformative impact of forests and featuring artists, musicians, scientists and thinkers from across the world. It is the only international forest festival in the UK and has an incredible line up including a brand new official spoken word adaptation of The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris and Fiona Stafford, author of ‘The Long, Long Life of Trees’, who will be reading a number of her acclaimed Radio 3 Essays, each of which deals with a different kind of tree. 

MLWW will be hosting our own panel asking 'Should money grown on trees?' featuring Darren Moorcroft, Director of Estate and Woodland Outreach at Woodland Trust and Gabriel Hemery, Chief Executive and co-founder of Sylva Foundation.

We are delighted to be joined by a range of our participants groups to who will be putting on workshops throughout the weekend to engage members of the public in the potential of woodland social enterprise and inspire and provoke people to think what they could do with their own community-owned woodland. Whistlewood Common, Heartwood Community Wood Fuel Group, Vert Woods Community Woodland and Hill Holt Wood and London Green Wood and others will be on hand to demonstrate the range of activities possible for woodland enterprises. 

Don't forget the team at the Timber festival are already writing a weekly blog all about putting on an event in a woodland space. This is vital reading for groups looking to put on their own festivals or workshops. You can follow the blog here or at the Timber website here

For more information and tickets for the Timber Festival please visit their website.

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